Vidyo is the leading provider of video conferencing solutions for personal telepresence. Our breakthrough technology powers HD-quality, multipoint video conferencing on desktops, mobile devices room systems, and telepresence solutions over the Internet and wireless networks. Enterprises, SMBs and hosted service providers can adapt, integrate and scale Vidyo communication technology with their existing IT and carrier infrastructure, and democratize video communication to give users a superior video collaboration experience.

The VidyoConferencing™ Portfolio

Everything You Need for Scalable and Affordable HD Video Conferencing



Built specifically for the Internet, VidyoRouter™ intelligently delivers HD multipoint conferencing via efficient video routing, while preserving video quality with built-in error resilience and imperceptible latency. Replace legacy video conferencing only available in custom rooms with natural, face-to-face communication that’s best for everyone and available anywhere, with Vidyo™.

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Intuitive web-based, multi-tenant application makes life easier for everyone. Administrators can centrally configure, manage and scale the VidyoConferencing™ system, including endpoints, infrastructure and licenses. Credentialed users can set preferences, invite guests, control conferences and interact with the system from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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VidyoReplay™ – Video Conference Recording & Webcasting Solution

An easy way to capture Vidyo™ conferences for those who are unable to attend, or to webcast for those applications where full interactivity isn’t required for all participants.

VidyoGateway™ ­ Video Conferencing Interoperability Solution

Integrate advanced VidyoConferencing™ with existing H.323 or SIP based video conferencing infrastructure. Leverage existing investments in traditional conferencing systems while migrating to a future-proof architecture that enables universal video conferencing among rooms, desktops and mobile devices.



A personal telepresence experience with immersive interactions at 10% of the cost of traditional systems.

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Get stunning HD-quality and a telepresence experience without the expense of custom room and dedicated network build-outs.


Transform desktop and laptop PCs and Macs into on-demand HD video conferencing systems, and eliminate the need for expensive proprietary hardware endpoints.

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Experience HD multipoint video conferencing and video collaboration while on the road or where anywhere 3G/4G mobile data service is available.

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Vidyo Router / Portal

VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ are essential components that make Vidyo™Conferencing the only collaboration platform to deliver a telepresence experience to mobile, PC, room and Telepresence users over any general-purpose IP network. Designed from the ground up for HD-quality multipoint conferences with hundreds of participants, VidyoConferencing moves telepresence beyond the confines of custom-built studios and provides access to everyone no matter where they are or what device they choose.

Unlike legacy systems that rely on expensive Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) for centralized bridging and transcoding, VidyoRouter performs transcoding-free lightweight packet switching using our patented Adaptive Video Layering™ technology. VidyoRouter dynamically optimizes video streams to the capabilities of each individual endpoint and network conditions. VidyoPortal manages the VidyoConferencing infrastructure through a web-based interface that is both intuitive and productive for administrators and end users. This smarter architecture improves the overall video conferencing experience while dramatically reducing the cost of ownership to just pennies per minute.

Benefits of the Vidyo infrastructure

  • Easy, secure and simple service provisioning (for registered and non-registered guests)
  • Support for any device: Android™, iOS™, Windows™, Mac™, Linux, Room and Telepresence systems
  • 90% lower cost than legacy video conferencing MCUs
  • No expensive reservation of dedicated hardware ports required
  • No expensive QoS networks required

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter software applications run on general-purpose compute platforms, and provide a range of enterprise-class video conferencing capabilities.

For Administrators

  • Create and manage personal and public reservation-less meeting rooms
  • Create and manage network elements and users of the VidyoConferencing system
  • Manage system licensing for floating VidyoLine licenses across VidyoRouters (provides central repository for concurrent-use licenses available to all distributed VidyoRouters at all times)
  • Automate software updates for a variety of Windows, Mac and Linux devices as well as room and Telepresence systems
  • Create multi-tenant capabilities for multiple virtual video conferencing systems on the same hardware

For End Users

  • Intuitive web-based interface and self-service convenience
  • Allows users to set personal preferences, manage their own permissions, moderate their own meetings, access the public directory, create groups and speed dial lists
  • Allows user-specific customizations including logos and guest invite messages

Our patented Adaptive Video Layering™ and use of H.264 SVC standard enables transcoding-free video packet processing — video streams are dynamically optimized to the capabilities of each endpoint device and to network conditions. As the engine that powers Vidyo™Conferencing, VidyoRouter™:

  • Supports up to 1440p/60fps with ultra-low latency (
  • Performs on general-purpose IP networks, eliminates need for expensive QoS networks
  • Secures signaling links by TLS and media streams through SRTP and industry standard AES 128-bit encryption
  • Easily extends system capacity with additional networked VidyoRouter instances

All you need to get started with Vidyo™Conferencing are the VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter components running on general-purpose compute platforms. It’s easy to add new capabilities and capacity as your needs evolve:

  • VidyoLines™: A floating, perpetual license for a single logical connection through VidyoRouter. VidyoLines are shared among users and only consumed while a soft client is connected through the VidyoRouter.
  • VidyoGateway™: Integrates legacy endpoints and MCUs with your VidyoConferencing system
  • VidyoReplay™: Records and streams both live and pre-recorded conferences
  • VidyoRouter™: Each additional VidyoRouter instance extends capacity in increments of 100 concurrent
  • Connections


Vidyo Panorama is the industry’s first affordable telepresence solution that delivers truly immersive interactions on up to 20 screens of 1080p at 60fps resolution at 10% the cost of current telepresence solutions. It redefines the traditional telepresence paradigm and price points to usher in a new era of universal video communications that is also affordable. Companies can now empower their employees to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection and promote a higher level of collaboration with high quality video conferencing using mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android), PCs (Win, Mac, Linux), room systems, and immersive telepresence rooms.

For too long, customers have been constrained by excessively expensive, inflexible immersive telepresence solutions which provide experiences that are far from immersive. A typical deployment costs $1 million when factoring in the network and ongoing maintenance costs. Even after that expense, the experience is not truly immersive and often imperfect due to limited screen space, and high video latency and poor video quality when incorporating mobile and PC endpoints.

VidyoPanorama overcomes these limitations by leveraging Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering, which dynamically optimizes the video for each endpoint. VidyoPanorama is available for beta evaluation in Aug and will be generally available in Q4 2011.

Key features include:

  • Up to 1080p 60 fps on up to 201 displays costing as little as $4,500 per screen
  • Intuitive easy to use interface with single click to join conferences
  • HD video conferencing over the Internet or general data networks
  • Bandwidth efficiency delivering HD video conferencing starting at 500 kbps per screen
  • HD multipoint video conferencing with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and PCs (Win, Mac, Linux) without an MCU

With unprecedented flexibility, VidyoPanorama supports a wide range of use cases that traditional telepresence solutions cannot address. The flexibility supports unique configurations (layout examples) that can be customized to fit any size room, layout or video enabled business processes. VidyoPanorama is the ideal solution to address new markets and applications such as:

  • Operations management center for manufacturing or supply chain management
  • Command center for disaster recovery efforts or military applications
  • Patient monitoring in a doctor’s or nurse’s station at a hospital
  • Distance learning with multiple experts or lecturers for remote or rural communities
  • Virtual trading rooms for financial services to coordinate strategies across geographies in real time

What people are saying:

“Cost has been the single biggest barrier to the adoption of telepresence, and when these systems were first introduced IT had no option if it wanted high quality resolution than to rebuild their network. Vidyo is now introducing another breakthrough with their world-class multipoint personal telepresence that is economically within reach and offers tremendous flexibility in terms of the number of screens and other form factors. Companies who believe that telepresence is beyond their budgets should revisit that decision with VidyoPanorama.”

Yankee Group – Zeus Kerravala

“The video communications market is subject to many of the effects of traditional technology: Moore’s Law will see the cost of endpoints and infrastructure come down. Advances in technology will improve the quality of the experience, while reducing the bandwidth needed in the network. For personal video communications to take off to the extent predicted, a dramatic change in cost base is necessary.”

Gartner Research – Scott Morrison

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VidyoMobile™ - Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions

HD video conferencing on everyday mobile devices

VidyoMobile delivers telepresence-quality multipoint video conferencing on iOS (including the new iPhone 4S) or Android based smart phones and tablet devices. As an integrated endpoint in the VidyoConferencing™ solution, VidyoMobile delivers much-needed error resiliency and low latency video communication for today’s increasingly mobile enterprises. An intuitive interface and simple commands make it easy for VidyoMobile users to participate and share data with other mobile, desktop or room system endpoints.

VidyoMobile Benefits:

  • Easy installation with an intuitive user interface
  • Decode up to 720p and encode up to VGA quality
  • Real-time low latency natural interactions
  • Customizable screen layouts including preferred speaker and continuous presence
  • Data and application share viewing options with integrated layouts

Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture enables VidyoMobile to provide telepresence-quality video conferencing over general data networks. Through this architecture, video streams are dynamically optimized to provide the best quality video based on both the capabilities of the mobile device and the performance of the wireless network. To achieve this, the VidyoRouter and VidyoMobile client work together, continuously monitoring video quality and network performance to make real-time adjustments to the video streams.

VidyoMobile integrates seamlessly with all Vidyo™ endpoints including VidyoDesktop and VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama™ systems as well as H.323 and SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway™.

VidyoMobile is available for purchase as part of the VidyoConferencing solution or as a service through a Vidyo Qualified Conferencing Service Provider.

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Everyday PCs become personal telepresence systems

VidyoDesktop™ brings unprecedented telepresence-quality video conferencing to a company’s most commonly used business tool — personal computers. The VidyoDesktop software client delivers low latency HD-quality video for natural communications, and single-click simplicity with an intuitive graphical user interface or mouse control. Vidyo™ puts the productivity power of video conferencing into the hands of users.

VidyoDesktop Benefits:

  • Super-quick installation
  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux* computers – *(certain versions only)
  • Real-time monitoring of participant video quality and network performance
  • Customizable personal screen layouts, including preferred speaker and continuous presence formats
  • Highly flexible application and data sharing options
  • Integration with Microsoft Lync, IBM Lotus Sametime, and Adobe Connect

Vidyo’s Adaptive Video Layering Architecture delivers industry-leading error resiliency and low latency for personal telepresence on everyday desktop devices. This architecture enables the VidyRouter™ and VidyoDesktop to work together, dynamically adjusting video communications to network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session based on the capabilities of each endpoint device, so all participants benefit from the full potential of their devices to deliver natural, face-to-face communication without broken images or delay.

VidyoDesktop integrates seamlessly with VidyoRoom™ systems, traditional H.323 and SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway™. For integration with unified communication platforms, Vidyo provides plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime as well as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync.

Videoconference in Action


VidyoConferencing (High Definition Video from the Conference Room to the Desktop)

As video communications have become more integral to enterprise applications over the past few years, the limitations of the current crop of solutions have become uncomfortably apparent. Beyond the expense of the systems themselves — not to mention the dedicated video conferencing rooms and dedicated network facilities they require — users have also been forced to bear with decid¬edly marginal performance … choppy frames, long delays, broken pictures, and the like. Given the expense of these systems, people have had good reason to expect more.

Now those expectations will finally be realized. Allow us to introduce you to VidyoConferencing products that deliver higher-quality experiences and greater deployment flexibility — all at a lower cost — over converged IP networks. VidyoConferencing is the first video conferencing solution de¬signed to work like the Internet itself. Out is the old MCU-centric model and in is the first solution for video conferencing designed specifically for the world of distributed computing — all thanks to Vidyo’s unique intellectual property and the advent of the VidyoRouter.

VidyoConferencing takes the HD experience from the headquarters room setting into the remote office, desktops, laptops, remote workers — everywhere. Just imagine — high quality video at your fingertips wherever you are.

A Better Video Conferencing Experience Starts with Better Technology

Vidyo’s unique intellectual property leverages the recently approved H.264/SVC standard — Scalable Video Coding — to create VidyoConferencing. This new technology makes it possible to sepa¬rate video bitstreams into high-reliability and low-reliability channels. These different bit-stream components allow the system to dynamically adapt to varying network conditions such as packet loss, jitter, network bandwidth, network delay, and the like. Similarly, the use of multiple bit-stream components permits the flexibility to adapt to changing processing power at the video source as well as at the receiving endpoints.

This is absolutely vital when communicating over low-cost, general-purpose IP networks as it makes possible the delivery of a quality video conferencing experience to all participants regardless of their location. Since virtually all the packet loss will occur in the low reliability channel, Vidyo uses it purely as an enhancement layer while delivering the high-reliability channel — or baseline layer — intact. Thus even under extremely adverse conditions, participants in a Vidyo conference will continue to see crisp images and smooth motion.

By contrast, traditional video conferencing systems are highly sensitive to packet loss. Dropped frames add significant latency, which in turn makes for blurred motion and choppy images on the receiving end. As a consequence, other systems break with as little as 5% packet loss. Vidyo, on the other hand, can work on any network that allows just web browsing.


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