Virtualization and Cloud Computing Solutions


For organizations looking to get substantial ROI from virtualization and cloud computing initiatives, the true costs of managing an exploding number of applications—spanning multiple sites and sometimes outside of corporate control—can lead to diminished returns. Flexibility comes at a cost of complexity and an inability to maintain control of applications and data.

F5's suite of Application Delivery Networking products, in conjunction with third-party software, hardware, and service provider solutions, combine to provide your customers with a new way of understanding how, where, and when their applications are deployed. Customers maintain corporate control while still gaining the flexibility and simplicity they demand.
Enterprise virtualization to
cloud maturity model
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Business benefits to your customers of using F5 with their cloud computing solution include:
  Reduce Complexity
With a reusable framework of services that can be leveraged across static, dedicated servers as well as across multi-site cloud deployments, you immediately gain value that grows as your applications grow.
  Increased Control
By integrating traffic management, dynamic provisioning, access control, and management, you can more readily outsource the processing of applications and data without giving up ownership and control.
  Context Awareness
Having a complete picture of the user, network, application, and services gives you a unique ability to use context to determine how applications and data are delivered.
  Reduced Switching Costs
With a centrally controlled method of delivering applications and data, you can move resources anywhere at a moment's notice without worrying about the capabilities of host locations.

Virtualization can be a powerful tool to help cut costs and improve availability and management efficiency, but its impact on surrounding IT resources can cause unexpected problems. Whether your customers are just starting a storage or server virtualization project or they're looking to realize the full benefits of a complete virtual data center, F5 can help build a dynamic, virtualization-ready infrastructure that will help you offer the right solutions.

  File Virtualization
Optimize file-based storage devices to dramatically reduce storage and management costs and complexity. With file virtualization from F5, you can automate storage management tasks, improve device utilization, and eliminate business disruptions.
  Infrastructure Virtualization
Realize large-scale virtualization benefits across the entire infrastructure. F5 brings together many virtualization technologies to help build a complete, dynamic virtual data center.
  Server Virtualization
Is your customer's infrastructure ready to support the added demands of server virtualization? F5 solutions create a dynamic infrastructure that maximizes the performance and availability of virtual machines.

F5 delivers a dynamic control plane architecture that enables the integration of network and application delivery components, both inside the existing data center and in the cloud, while adapting to constantly changing conditions in the environment. This architecture gives organizations the visibility and control needed to grow from initial virtualization all the way into the cloud. F5 provides the right tools and services at the right time to make the cloud a viable option for the enterprise.


Philip Seng

Product Manager F5