F5 Performance Tools

Measure the impact that F5 can have on your bottom line. How can key F5 technologies help your data center and improve network performance? Find out in just a few seconds with these easy-to-use tools.

F5 Website Evaluation Tools:
Optimization Calculator Optimization Calculator
Enter your Web address (or any other valid HTTP 1.1 request) and this tool will profile the server response, giving you the bandwidth savings and speed improvements you could expect with BIG-IP compression and caching.
ROI Calculator for the BIG-IP Message Security Module ROI Calculator for the BIG-IP Message Security Module
Calculate the number of spam emails you could block -- and your potential savings -- by deploying the BIG-IP Message Security Module. Simply enter your number of employees/connections and calculate based on industry averages. You can also override the industry averages using parameters specific to your network for a more precise calculation.
Storage Cost Savings Calculator Storage Cost Savings Calculator
Use this calculator to determine the potential storage cost savings your company could realize by implementing the F5 ARX solution. Just answer a few simple questions about your environment to get an immediate three-year savings analysis.


Philip Seng

Product Manager F5