IdentiFi Wireless Solutions

Wireless Networking from Extreme Network


Extreme Netowrks WLAN products are built to seamlessly integrate with wired infrastructures, helping ensure faster deployment, better service delivery and stronger security across the entire network.

Better integration also streamlines installation, maintenance and upgrades throughout the entire WLAN lifecycle, for improved TCO and ROI.


Enterprise-class security, availability, scalability and manageability features, along with wire-speed throughputs, ensure reliable delivery of business-critical applications such as voice, video and high-speed data.


Advanced management features such as site planning and visualisation, proactive diagnostics, remote troubleshooting and automated installation greatly simplify IT tasks such as mobilising users, deploying new services and optimising system performance, without sacrificing network security or user functionality.

Easy to deploy and manage, the Summit WM3000 series controllers provide a converged platform to deliver multimedia applications (data, voice, and video), wireless networking and value-added mobility services such as secure guest access and location service for multi-RF networks.


Altitude Access Altitude Access Points come in form factors designed for a wide variety of deployment needs — high-density or high-interference zones, surface or hidden mounts, centralised or independent management. .

IdentiFi Indoor

Access Points:

Full range of indoor APs priced to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for any situation. Purpose built for education, healthcare, large venues, manufacturing, hospitality, and challenging RF environments

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IdentiFi Outdoor

Access Points:

Industrial grade access points designed to operate in harsh environments such as warehouses, mines, manufacturing plants, and stadiums.

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IdentiFi Appliances


Virtual or physical appliances provide role based controls for Wi-Fi users, devices and applications.

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IdentiFi Radar

Wi-Fi security and spectrum analysis. Simultaneous Wi-Fi access and assessment mode or full time assessment with Guardian mode.

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Peter Woodhams

European Product Manager