The Check Point ThreatCloud™ feeds Security Gateway Software Blades with real-time security intelligence gathered with the first collaborative network to fight cybercrime.

ThreatCloud feeds Security Gateway Software Blades with real-time security intelligence:
  The first collaborative network to fight cybercrime, with:
- Over 250M addresses analyzed for Bot Discovery
- Over 4.5 million malware signatures
- More than 300,000 malware-infested websites
  Dynamically updated using a worldwide network of threat sensors
  Real-time protection information delivered to security gateways

ThreatCloud IntelliStore
Check Point pioneers cyber intelligence marketplace to proactively protect organizations. Today, organizations need customizable threat intelligence that can be immediately used within their network environments to prevent cyberattacks from occurring. Threat intelligence is a key input into the control layer of a network leveraging SDP architecture. With ThreatCloud™, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive threat intelligence infrastructure, threat intelligence is quickly converted into real-time protections, making threat prevention easy and flexible. With the introduction of Check Point’s ThreatCloud IntelliStore, organizations now have the ability to choose from a wide variety of real-time threat intelligence sources. ThreatCloud IntelliStore through ThreatCloud converts these intelligence feeds into proactive protection, giving organizations the ability to immediately enforce the threat intelligence data with their security gateways.

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  Provides flexibility to choose relevant intelligence feeds
  Choice of a diverse range of intelligence feeds by geography, industry, or protection types
  Evaluate and change intelligence feeds to meet the evolving needs of your organization
  Automatically translate threat intelligence data into proactive security protections
  Use security protections to proactively stop threats on the security gateways via ThreatCloud
  Leverage existing infrastructure and policy for simple implementation
  Fully integrated into Software Blade Architecture & Management
  Generate automated reports to measure effectiveness of chosen intelligence feeds
  Easily set up a 30 day evaluation for any security feeds


Alicia Sim