Check Point Security Appliances

Check Point security appliances deliver powerful turnkey systems for deploying and managing Check Point's award winning Software Blades to address virtually any security need for businesses of all sizes. All Check Point appliances are built around the unified Software Blade Architecture, enabling your customers to protect their organizations against rapidly evolving threats and perform all aspects of security management via a single, unified console.
Security Appliances Overview
View this video update from Gabi Reish, Head of Product Management for Check Point, as he describes eight new models of products optimized to deliver power and extensibility of Check Point software blades, including firewall, VPN, IPS, application control, mobile access, web security, anti-security, anti-spam and identity awareness.

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Secure Web Gateway Appliance
Enables secure use of Web 2.0 with the largest application coverage, unified control of all web activities, end-user education, integrated anti-malware and 360 degree visibility and control.

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Winning with Check Point Secure Web Gateway
Tamar Shafler
Product Manager
Check Point Technologies

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Check Point Threat Prevention Appliance
Dedicated appliance that prevents advanced threats and malware attacks.

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Check Point DDoS Protector
Block Denial of Service attacks in seconds with multi-layered DDoS protection and up to 12 Gbps of performance.

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Check Point Security Acceleration Module
Accelerate traffic on all interfaces with a single Security Acceleration Module.
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2200 Appliance
The Check Point 2200 Appliance offers enterprise-class security with leading price/performance in a compact desktop form factor. Combined with the Software Blade Architecture, it is an ideal solution for securing small offices.

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4000 Appliances
Today's enterprise security gateway needs to be more than just a firewall – it must use multiple technologies to secure and protect networks against evolving threats. The Check Point 4000 Appliances with their flexible network interface options and multi-core technology offer your customers the best performance in its class.

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12000 Appliances
These datacenter-grade security appliances, with their multi-core and acceleration technologies, redundant components and superior multi-Software Blade performance, are designed for high-performance and reliability - for even the most demanding customer enterprise network environments.

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13800 Appliance

The new 13800 Appliance extends the 1300 line. The 13800 Appliance delivers exceptional Next Generation Firewall performance in its class and offers unmatched scalability, serviceability and port density. The 13800 offers industry-leading security protections and advanced performance, with up to 3,800 SecurityPower™ units (SPU) and 6.5 Gbps of real-life IPS throughput.

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21400 Appliance
The 21400 Appliance offers unsurpassed scalability, availability and serviceability with high performance and high port density – ideal for your customers with large networks and datacenters.

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61000 Security System
Check Point 61000 Security System delivers the industry's fastest Security Gateway. It is a carrier-grade appliance offering scalable performance for data centers, telecommunication and cloud services providers

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21700 Appliance

Check Point’s new 21700 Appliance combines fast networking technologies with high performance multi-core capabilities—providing the highest level of security without compromising on network speeds to keep your data, network and employees secure.

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21800 Appliance

The new 21800 augments the 21000 Appliance family. Leveraging its multi-core and acceleration technologies, with 4300 SecurityPower Units, the Check Point 21800 appliance supports lightning fast firewall throughput of up-to 110 Gbps1 with sub 5µs latency. The 21800 is designed from the ground up for unmatched flexibility for even the most demanding enterprise and data center network environments.

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Check Point R77

Check Point R77 tackles zero-day attacks and boosts Next Generation Firewall performance by up to 50%. Leading cyber-security platform now includes threat emulation and HyperSPECT performance enhancing technology.
  New Threat Emulation cloud-based service blocks unknown targeted attacks and APTs
  New HyperSPECT technology boosts real world performance by up to 50%
  First NGFW-integrated and fully automated compliance monitoring tool now available
  Over 50 additional product enhancements
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