BlueCat Networks

BlueCat IP Address Management, DNS and DHCP solutions provide the foundation for elastic networks that scale and adapt to the ever-changing demands placed on your infrastructure by consolidation, expansion and modernization. We enable the reliability of your core network services and securely connect devices, virtual machines and applications to your network. Enterprises, government agencies and telecom service providers trust BlueCat to manage the world’s most complex networks and solve the tough technology challenges – from BYOD and virtualization to cloud, software-defined networking and the Internet of Things.

BlueCat Address Manager

BlueCat Address Manager is an IP Address Management (IPAM) solution that enables you to manage “everything IP” on your network from a single view.

BlueCat Address Manager for Windows DNS/DHCP

BlueCat Address Manager for Windows DNS/DHCP simplifies Windows network management and adds elasticity and resiliency to your business-critical Windows DNS and DHCP infrastructure.

BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server

BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server delivers reliable and secure core network services. Scalable and easy to manage, BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server provides a foundation for elastic networks.

BlueCat Automation Manager

BlueCat Automation Manager is an automation and self-service solution that speeds response times for completing critical network provisioning requests by automating the interactions between people, processes and applications.

BlueCat Threat Protection

BlueCat Threat Protection is a DNS firewall solution that filters malware, botnets and other malicious activities before they can reach business-critical applications or data.

BlueCat Device Registration Portal

BlueCat Device Registration Portal is a self-service mobile security solution that eliminates IT involvement in device registration and allows you to track and control all devices on your network.


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