Arbor Networks

Global Intelligence, Local Protection

Ensuring the Security and Availability of Enterprise and Provider Networks


Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and provider networks from DDoS and advanced targeted attacks.

Arbor believes security solutions today must be coordinated to mitigate attacks before they reach a customer’s network whenever possible, and then quickly identify and stop threats once they have made it past an increasingly porous perimeter. We have leveraged our unique customer footprint and experience working with the world’s most demanding network operators to develop a more enduring solution for the threats of today and tomorrow. Arbor does this not by focusing on specific threats or points in the network but on networks themselves. No matter how much the threats and attackers have changed, security still comes down to understanding networks. Arbor’s goal is to provide a richer picture into networks and more security context—so customers can solve problems faster and help reduce the risk to their business. We strive to be a force multiplier, bringing context to massive amounts of data, making network and security teams the experts.

Arbor Networks DDoS Solutions

Arbor Networks APS

Arbor Networks APS provides proven, on-premise DDoS protection for the world’s most critical enterprise and government networks. Enhanced by integrated DDoS detection and DDoS mitigation capabilities, together with automatic security updates delivered by Arbor’s Security

Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), APS delivers DDoS mitigation against both known and emerging availability threats so your organization can maintain business continuity — no matter what.

Arbor CloudSM

Enterprises are struggling to protect their global networks against today’s complex DDoS attacks, and providers are investigating ways to enhance security offerings. With

Arbor Cloud, we deliver best practices protection against a broad spectrum of DDoS attacks by integrating on-premise defenses with powerful cloud-based traffic scrubbing services.

Arbor’s technology, products and ATLAS research infrastructure power this new service, supported by a 24x7 Security Operations Center staffed by Arbor DDoS and security experts. A vital component of the Arbor Networks SP solution, Arbor Networks TMS surgically removes distributed denial of service attack traffic from your network without disrupting key network services. It also provides comprehensive, real-time visibility into your network applications,

proactively monitoring denial of service attacks so you can maintain your service performance.

Arbor Networks TMS

Arbor Networks TMS surgically removes DDoS attack traffic from the network without disrupting key network services. It also provides real-time visibility into network applications so customers can proactively monitor and maintain service performance.


Arbor Networks MNA

Arbor Networks MNA provides real-time visibility into the sources, frequency and impact of potential attacks and misuses on the HSPA/LTE packet core signaling plane.

It enables proactive detection and is designed to mitigate attack traffic and emerging threats before they affect critical network resources.


ATLAS Solutions

Global Threat Intelligence for Local Protection

What separates Arbor from other security companies is how we leverage our pervasive service provider footprint to benefit all of our customers. ATLAS® is a collaborative project with nearly 330 service provider customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data with up to 120 Tbps.

From this unique vantage point, Arbor’s world-class security research team is ideally positioned to deliver intelligence about DDoS, malware and botnets that threaten Internet infrastructure and network availability. Arbor customers enjoy a considerable competitive advantage by giving them both a micro view of their own network, via product deployments, combined with a macro view of global Internet traffic, via ATLAS. This is a powerful combination of network security intelligence that is unrivaled today.

Arbor Networks Visibility Solutions

Solving your business problems starts with proper network visibility. Deploy Arbor Networks SP how you want it — software, virtually, appliances — and realize pervasive visibility with ease. This is the only solution built for operators and proven to scale cost-effectively across your entire global network. Arbor analyzes packets, NetFlow, SNMP and BGP routes from across the network transforming the data into insights. Then, you can take action based on these insights

to solve your business problems from network planning and engineering to threat detection and mitigation.


Arbor Networks SP

Arbor Networks SP provides comprehensive network visibility and reporting capabilities to help customers detect and understand threats, and improve traffic engineering, peering relationships and service performance. It also provides a dashboard into the entire network while managing the other Arbor solutions.


Arbor Networks Advanced Threat Solutions

Arbor Networks Spectrum™

The Arbor Networks Spectrum platform brings Arbor’s Internet-scale visibility and advanced threat detection to the enterprise network, allowing teams to connect global attack indicators to activity inside your network. By monitoring threat actors, Arbor connects threat actor activity happening on the broader Internet with the internal conversations on customer networks using advanced threat defense.

Arbor Spectrum was designed for security teams to use advanced threat detection to uncover and investigate the most stealthy advanced threat campaigns in minutes. Therefore, your team’s scarce time is focused on finding and proving the threats that matter most. This makes your team more effective, while reducing the real risks to your business.