Westcon Solutions appointed as BlueCat Networks Distributor in Singapore

BlueCat Networks provides a smarter way to manage BYOD, mobile devices and cloud. With IT self-service, orchestration and workflow, BlueCat Networks DNS/DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions give organizations the power to manage "everything IP” including devices, users and IP activity from a single pane of glass. The result is a dynamic network that is more resilient, cost effective and easier to manage.

BlueCat Networks solutions help Global 2500 companies and government agencies reduce costs and solve critical IT challenges – from BYOD to virtualization and cloud computing. BlueCat Networks also help organizations transit to IPv6 and DNSSEC.

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  BlueCat Networks - the expert in DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

IP Address Management (IPAM) - Smart, Simple, Scalable IP Address Management
BlueCat Networks IPAM solution provides centralized management and visibility into “everything IP” in your network including IP addresses, DNS and DHCP. Feature-rich and future-ready with out-of-the-box support for IPv6 and DNSSEC, the BlueCat Networks IPAM solution replaces inefficient and error-prone legacy IPAM solutions with a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps you increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs while ensuring network security and regulatory compliance.

• Reduce monthly DNS/DHCP-related IT management costs by up to 40%
• Reduce the risk of outages caused by overlapping IP space and manual configuration errors
• Ensure that your critical IP-dependent systems are always available
• Manage and delegate network configuration workflow with full approval controls and auditing
• Manage and track all IP devices and IP usage across your organization for security and compliance
• Accelerate the rollout of new IP-dependent services and technologies like virtualization and clouds
• Seamlessly transition to new network technologies like IPv6 and DNSSEC

DNS and DHCP Made Easy - Resilient, No-Hassle DNS and DHCP Core Services
BlueCat Networks provides an industry-leading DNS and DHCP solution that prevents configuration errors and ensures that critical DNS/DHCP services are highly available. BlueCat Networks' scalable and resilient appliance-based software solution delivers rock-solid DNS and DHCP for your network.

Ensure that critical DNS / DHCP services are secure and always available

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Hardened security protects external and internal DNS servers from exploits and attacks

IPAM integration provides centralized man-agement of IP address space and DNS/ DHCP

Future-ready support for DNS security (DNSSEC) and IPv6

A range of solutions scaled to meet your needs and budget - from large data center/organisation to branch office/retail location

Seamlessly integrate DNS and DHCP with Microsoft Active Directory

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