Intel Security Security Event: Staying Ahead of Threats | Protect, Detect and Correct Today's Threats

08/03/16 12:15 – 08/03/16 15:30

Staying Ahead of Threats

Protect . Detect . Correct

With the rising volume and complexity of threats, and with shrinking time and resources to handle them, security practitioners like yourself must evolve your approach.

The job hasn’t changed: to protect vital services and information from theft, manipulation, and loss from external and internal actors. But the way we do the job needs to change, by focusing on ways to reduce security fragmentation, automate tasks, and force-multiply capabilities.

We invite you to hear from Intel Security on how you can integrate a dynamic endpoint, intelligent analytics, cloud-delivered security, and centralized management into an adaptive system that protects, detects, and corrects today’s threats.

Join us on 08 March to gain valuable insight on: 

• Cybersecurity forecast and predictions of leading threats in 2016
• Reducing evolving threats by using fewer resources and without compromising security
• Use case scenarios and demos on Advanced Threat Defense and Cyber Threat Management Capabilities

Please view the event agenda here.

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